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FED-217 - Schleimünde
Date(s) : 8 - 16th of August 2009
UTC : 00:00 - 24:00
Bandes : 80 - 6m
Modes : SSB - CW - PSK31

TX / RX : FT-One / IC7600 /
Pow. Amp. : FL-7000 / ACOM 1000
Antenna : Windom Carolina / SteppIr 3el / Butternet vert.
Others : Activation during the ILLW Ref: DE0073/ Island GIA ref: O-020 / German Lighthouses ref: GLHA-45 / Callsign DL/HB9LH
D - 24404 Schleimünde
East : 10° 02' 12''
North: 54° 40' 17''
Locator : JO54AQ

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The Lotseninsel is located on the Baltic Sea, north east part of Germany. The Lighthouse constructed in 1871 and of a height of 14,7m is the safe guard of the access to Schlei the river in the Schleisswig region. Today, the biggest part of the island is the wildlife sanctuary of birds which the association Jordsand by Vogelschutzwart treats on. On the 20th of september 2008, the Lighthouse foundation has acquired the island to make sure that this island remains a shrine for birds and natural working space for the ornithologists. HB9LH has the possibility of achieving this island for the planned ham activity thanks to the foundation which gave its consent and shown a deep interest for this activation. Thank you very much in foundation.

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QSL Manager: HB9OMI